Basic cosmetology

Basic training in facial cosmetic care

"Elegance Beauty Academy - Contemporary school of beauty care and good behavior" is an accredited institution, with JPOA status, according to decision number 614-871/2022.

The training is intended for people who want to train themselves for independent work in the profession.
The goal of the training is not a demonstrative exercise or brand promotion, but recognition of the need to modernize the programs with modern modules such as sales techniques or etiquette, but also to practice the protocols through a sufficient number of hours and train the participants for independent work.

The goal of the program is to train participants to carry out basic cosmetic treatments responsibly in order to:

  • Care for different types of healthy skin,
  • Performing the peeling and mask application procedure,
  • Perform face, neck and décolletage massage,
  • Creation of a care protocol with an individual approach,
  • Performing biological and hygienic facial treatment according to skin type and condition,
  • Advising clients on proper skin care at home.

The basic course "Fundamentals of cosmetology" counts

265 teaching hours,

duration of 3 months

Includes 60 hours of theory,

205 hours of exercises (practical lessons) in one of the Elegance salons

The training plan envisages that participants acquire knowledge and develop skills:

  • preparation of the work area with emphasis on disinfection and sterilization procedures
  • skin examination, determination of skin type and condition
  • the basics of cosmetology, familiarization with the effect and application of cosmetic products: peels, masks, packages, serums, tonics, creams
  • Face, neck and décolleté massage
  • Biological treatments according to skin type and condition
  • Hygienic facial treatment
  • The importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles for beautiful skin
  • aesthetics in cosmetics
  • sales skills
  • Etiquette and business ethics in working with the client