Basic training for pedicure and manicure

"Elegance Beauty Academy - Contemporary school of beauty care and good behavior" is an accredited institution for the implementation of the Pedicure and Manicure Training program, with the status of JPOA, according to decision number 62-51/2022/

Basic training for pedicure and manicure includes familiarization with all techniques of working on nails - classic manicure, permanent varnish, gel technique, pouring nails and pedicure.

The program includes 60 hours of classes.

Fedu's professional line is designed to respond to specific needs and to satisfy the wishes of different customers in terms of age, origin, style and individual taste.

Thanks to the high quality of Fedu professional products, you can maximize your potential and achieve a job worthy of your skills and abilities.

Each participant receives a start-up set worth 69,000 dinars (the value of the set is included in the training price)

The set contains:

  • Soak off
  • Cleanser
  • Shine potion
  • Cuticle remover gel
  • Regular polish X 5
  • Base
  • Gel polish X 5
  • Primer
  • EV bases
  • Easy R top coat
  • No wipe top coat
  • Gummy base
  • Lamp
  • Cream
  • Balm