Fedua precise lubrication

Manicure and pedicure trends change almost every season, but the fact is that neat and healthy nails are the most attractive. For a long time, it has been a trend among the fairer sex to opt for permanent or gel polish instead of regular nail polish, and instead of a classic manicure, to opt for a manicure.

The difference between an apparatus and a classic manicure is primarily in the technique. A classic manicure is done by pushing and cutting the cuticles, while in the apparatus manicure, the cuticle is processed with so-called cutters and the cut is much more precise. When the nail is processed with cutters, it is possible to "draw" the color under the cuticle. As a result, the nails look neater and longer because the "growth" is visible only after ten days.

Precise lubrication is easy to master with proper technique.
The education of inserting color under the cuticle lasts 8 hours of school hours and raises your work to a higher level.
Thanks to the correct lubrication technique, you can maximize your potential and achieve a job worthy of your skills and abilities.