Fedua - pedicure and manicure

The Fedua Professional Line has been designed to respond to specific needs and satisfy the wishes of different customers in terms of age, origin, style and individual taste.

Our professional semi-permanentGel Polish is extraordinarily resistant : if used in combination with Fedua base coats and top coats, each varnish remains bright and resistant to chipping for up to 14 days and guarantees a duration of up to 3 weeks without damaging the natural nail.

The professional nail polishes in the line offer a wide choice of colours designed to satisfy even the most particular customers, and the line dedicated to nail & skin care was created through careful research to develop the most suitable formulation and satisfy every need.

From their cosmetic to perfume properties, the Fedua branded products for manicure and pedicure guarantee you the possibility to offer your customers a unique sensory experience.

Why choose a Fedua professional semi-permanent polish?

Using our products will make your work more enjoyable and challenging: lend colour to your creativity and surprise your customers with refined performances of quality.

Have you never thought that evenprofessional nail polishes for beauty centresand nail care products dedicated tobeauty salonsaren’t always as appealing as they should be?

That’s why Fedua has also thought of a modern and sophisticated packaging that will contributetomaking your salon more chic, more trendy and more contemporary. Thanks to the high quality of Fedua professional semi-permanent polishes, you can express your potential to the maximum and realize work worthy of your skills and your ability.