Lash & Brow Lift

We are aware of the fact that eyebrows are actually an important part of the face, both for highlighting facial features and for a better appearance of the entire makeup, but also for boosting self-confidence. Perfectly shaped, thick eyebrows, like those you see in fashion magazines, are no longer so unattainable. In recent years, an increasing number of procedures for shaping, highlighting and coloring eyebrows have appeared, and now we discover why the hit procedure, brow lamination, has become the most sought-after aesthetic procedure in beauty salons.

What is brow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is another in a series of popular beauty salon trends, which is chosen by an increasing number of members of the fairer sex who want to shape their eyebrows to perfection. Namely, this treatment does not drastically change the shape and width of the eyebrows, but only emphasizes the existing natural eyebrows and their advantages, while eliminating minor defects.

Eyebrow lamination, unlike the process of eyebrow tattooing and permanent makeup, is a completely painless method that will make your eyebrows look beautiful and well-groomed. On the other hand, the effect of this procedure is much shorter than if you opted for permanent makeup and lasts only up to three months.

Eyebrow lamination - procedure

The eyebrow lamination procedure itself is done with the help of a substance that is applied to the eyebrows, thanks to which the eyebrow hairs become healthier, more obedient, more beautiful and more regular in shape. The procedure is performed in three different stages and the average duration of the eyebrow lamination treatment is one hour.
And the phase of eyebrow lamination
At the very beginning, the eyebrows are coated with keratin, so that the damaged hairs of the eyebrows are restored, become full, elastic, shiny and smooth. This procedure is called eyebrow modeling and it is practiced especially for those most unruly, hard hairs that move in different directions.

Phase II of eyebrow lamination

In the next phase, pigmentation is performed for those eyebrow hairs that are damaged and thinned and that have started to lose their natural color. Eyebrows are coated with pigments, which must not be darker than the natural hair color, in order to maintain the most natural appearance.
Phase III of eyebrow lamination
The last stage of eyebrow lamination is coating the eyebrows with a special type of keratin, which contains vitamin complexes and essential amino acids, which contribute to faster eyebrow renewal.

How will your eyebrows look after eyebrow lamination?
After lamination, the eyebrows will be more docile and thicker and will move in only one direction, and asymmetrical eyebrows will be more uniform.