School of beauty care and good behavior

In the pleasant and luxurious ambience of Elegance Beauty Residences in Senjak, the first cycle of trainings organized by Elegance Academy will start in autumn.

Professional education, obtaining a certificate for work in the cosmetics industry and basic knowledge of the culture of business behavior, will provide participants with the opportunity for a business career in a very popular and sought profession.

After many years of successful work in cosmetics industry, Elegance Group has decided to share its knowledge and experience through an educational system based on training, splitted into 20 different modules. Within the Elegance Academy, according to the licensed program and cirriculum, we train staff in all necessary skills to work in our salons and salons franchisees.

After a complex training, completed at least two modules and passed exams, the participants of the Academy are ready to respond immediately and in the best way to the demands of the job, because 50% of the training is based on practical work, led by experienced experts in this field.
Trainings are organized for the following modules: cosmetics, make-up, massage, pedicure and manicure, eyelashes, depilation, mesotherapy... All necessary materials for work and literature is provided by Elegance Academy.

Elegance Group, through the Academy of Beauty reaches the mission set long time ago, which basically has a pedagogical and humanitarian character. We will provide affordable training for young people who are more and more interested in jobs in the field of face and body care. It is noticeable in all media, especially on social networks, that great attention is paid to appearance, but at the same time it is not accompanied by adequate professional and pedagogical support. We treat beauty as an art and we will train our students to be real artistics in their field, to appreciate their work, effort and skills, but also their customers.

Our intention is to raise the training system for face and body care services to a higher level, insisting on the right measure in everything. Business ethics, good manners, customer relationship, are the fundaments of any further work which builds an atmosphere of trust, respect and appreciation and of course remarkable cosmetic treatment.

We tend to incorporate our business philosophy into the foundations of the Academy. The uniqueness of our school will be additional training in etiquette, business ethics and communication, which will enable students to achieve the right approach in relation with clients in the salon, but also will be significant for them in further professional development.

Specialized knowledge is crutial, and with our help you will become a top beautician, but in order to build a stable and advanced career, it is necessary to possess other skills, that mainly concerns the culture of communication and business etiquette. That is why our cources are different, enriched with additional lectures included in the price of the training, which include the basics of nutrition, aesthetics in cosmetology and good behavior, taught by experienced lectures and experts with many years of experience.

Our job is much more than business - our aim is to make the world a better place!

Soon detailed information about courses, training plan and dates!