Apparatus in cosmetics

Technology in cosmetics, pedicure, medicine, wellness, care and more: Ionto Health&Beauty GmbH offers complete product lines with products that complement and complement each other. Advanced level training available at Elegance Beauty Academy.

For experienced beauticians as well as beginners who want to raise their level of business to the highest level from the beginning.

Ionto Health&Beauty GmbH develops and manufactures its program in Germany. In this way, they have been guaranteeing their high quality, longevity and lasting value for 35 years.

Ionto Health&Beauty GmbH immediately implements new ideas in its own development sector, and therefore is always a little ahead of time. New treatment methods and concepts are simultaneously implemented in practice. With this idea, IONTO Health&Beauty GmbH joined forces with the companies CARE & MORE and SUDA, and IONTO-COMED GmbH became Ionto Health&Beauty GmbH. SUDA is a recognized name that has been applying top quality and innovation in the field of pedicures and foot care for 90 years. With an extremely wide range of devices for dry and wet pedicures, characterized by quality, professionalism and high functionality, SUDA is the right solution for all pedicure treatments.